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FSC Chain of Custody Audit

Under a new modality and with important modifications in the standards, once again we have had a good performance. This audit verifies that FSC certified forest products are identified and separated from other non-certified materials. It is a chain that begins in the field and ends on the ship. This certification allows companies to label their products so consumers can identify and choose those products that support a responsible forest management model.


National Tree Day

On this special day, we pay tribute to the trees for everything they offer us. Among all their benefits, they fight against climate change, absorbing and storing CO2 and releasing oxygen. They are good for our health too. Going into a wood, walk slowly, close your eyes for a few minutes, sharpen your ear, breathe in its aromas, breathe deeply. The Japanese call this practice "Forest Bath" and it was developed as a therapy to combat stress.


World Environment Day

We are in a time of urgent need for global decarbonization. Facing this challenge, the sustainable forest industry is a real alternative for the replacement of synthetic fibers, fossil fuels, structural elements for construction such as concrete, aluminum and steel; all of them of great impact on the carbon cycle, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. It is for this reason that sustainable forest management is part of the solution.


"Foresters in action" trust

On May 25 the "Foresters in action” trust was held, through which the economic contributions of the forestry sector will be used to fight Covid-19.


Forestry sector contribution

The forestry sector will be making an economic contribution through the SPF (Forest Producers Society) as a way to collaborate with the country in combating the health emergency. The funds will have two destinations: on one hand, to provide support to the Ministry of Social Development for accommodation, services and food to the most vulnerable population. On the other, to support the #noscuidamosentretodos campaign through medical supplies and equipment.


End of the Fire Protection season

The last stage of the Fire Protection Plan culminated on April 12, which, for the sixth consecutive summer, was implemented by the members of the Forest Producers Society.


Forestry sector against COVID-19

The Forest Producers Society (SPF) approved charging its associates, including FAS, a voluntary surcharge for this year to contribute to the government through the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES). The total contribution is estimated to be more than $ 1 million. As part of the forestry sector, we are proud to be able to do our bit in the fight against this health crisis that the country is going through.


Action Protocol - COVID-19

Given the health emergency that the country is going through in reference to CORONAVIRUS, it is a necessity for FAS to contribute from the workplace by establishing preventive measures that allow taking care of everyone's health. Therefore, we have established measures to minimize contagion through the elaboration of an Action Protocol for all personnel. In it, the recommendations of the MSP are considered, but also the study of each area, considering theirs needs. In turn, a protocol was drawn up exclusively for contractor companies that provide services to FAS.


Environmental Interpretation Guide

We supported the publication of a new guide, the Environmental Interpretation Guide by the authors Raúl Lombardi and Giancarlo Geymonat. This new edition emphasizes environmental education, evaluating the opportunities and benefits that proper management has for the conservation and management of fauna and flora.


Country Brand

We are now part of the more than 250 public and private companies that contribute to the strategy of positioning the country abroad. We are proud to be part of this network of institutions that, with their work and commitment, add value to the national identity in international markets